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  • Best Bait for Whiting

    Best Bait for Whiting
    If you want your coming-of-age children to follow in your angling footsteps, or if you are just stepping into the world of angling yourself, catching a whiting is often the best place to start. It’s the kind of fish that is not too frustrating and impossibly hard to catch, and it tastes great as well. Whiting is a common aquatic food fish belonging to the Gadidae family of cods. Found in abundance in the European, North American and Australian waters alike, the whiting has many different names in each place....

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  • Best Baitcasting reel under £50

    Best Baitcasting reel under £50
    What is a baitcast reel Misconceptions regarding baitcast reels are extremely prevalent amongst anglers, even the experienced ones. This is why they tend to steer clear of baitcast reels in favor of something more traditional. However, when used properly, a baitcast reel can enhance your fishing experience and land larger fish than you are used to catching. If you think it is about time to step up your fishing game, it might be time to add the baitcast reel to your arsenal of fishing equipment. A baitcast reel has a...

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  • Best Deep Sea Fishing Destinations

    Best Deep Sea Fishing Destinations
    Do you like deep sea fishing? There are many hot spots for this exhilarating sport if you would like to enjoy the best deep sea fishing experience on your next trip. Deep sea angling, also known as game fishing, has a cult-like status among people who have experienced it. When you are in the middle of a deep sea, among some feared and notorious sea creatures, such as sharks and whales, it is itself a thrilling and memorable experience.   Many people love deep sea fishing, as it is a...

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