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  • Going Bass Fishing? Try These Best Prespawn Baits

    Going Bass Fishing? Try These Best Prespawn Baits
    All around the country, spring is the perfect time to cash in on huge numbers of aggressive bass that emerge slowly from their deep water winter haunts. Bass tend to start moving into their pre-spawn regions when the water temperature is close to fifty degrees. It is worth mentioning that it also induces some of the most aggressive bass feeding habits as they slowly prepare for the spawn. For a majority of bass anglers in the country, early spring is game-on. Most fish are in complete pre-spawn mode and feed aggressively while waiting...

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  • Know Your Sunfish and the Best Bait to Catch One

    Know Your Sunfish and the Best Bait to Catch One
    What is a Sunfish? Do not confuse sunfish with ‘ocean sunfish (mola), Sunfish is a ray-finned fish that you find in freshwaters, ponds, and lakes. Although it is edible, the fish is popular for sport fishing. However, sunfish is mainly from the Northern American region. Due to an increase in its demand and popularity when used for fishing conventions and competitions, breeders produce sunfish around the world.  Clear warm and slow stream water is an ideal habitat for sunfish; therefore, you are more likely to find them in lakes or...

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  • Best Winter Bass Baits

    Best Winter Bass Baits
    Cold winter days slow down everything, and fishing is no exception. “Catching” conditions become tough and uncomfortable. Bass anglers and fishermen usually think winter is not the “ideal” season for setting out for a bass fishing trip.  It is natural to think this way as bass feed less aggressively in winters compared to other seasons. In the winter, the air dramatically cools the water temperature dipping as low as into the thirties. Cooler water temperatures substantially slow down the metabolism of bass fish.  However, if you have the patience and...

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