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  • Best Bait for Night Bass Fishing

    Best Bait for Night Bass Fishing
    Do you know that fish, such as bass, will start to move inshore to feed as the sun starts to set? This is because they feel safer knowing that the blanket of nightfall provides them with some protection from various predators. Night fishing does not only have the appeal of cool temperatures, but it can also provide you with excellent opportunities to catch large bass and other fish that would otherwise be inaccessible or unwilling to feed in the daytime. This is why as anglers, fishing at night is likely to increase...

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  • Bullhead Fishing: Best Tips and Bait

    Bullhead Fishing: Best Tips and Bait
    Most of us love fishing for bullheads. Are you one of them?  Although the big ones reach just a couple of pounds in weight, note that these little catfish can eat almost anything, fight tenaciously, strike hard and are delicious when you roll them in cornmeal and fried golden-brown. Although many well-to-do anglers tend to go after tarpon or bonefish on the amazing Florida flats, or the scrumptious Atlantic salmon in Iceland, Canada and Norway, many bullhead fishermen, usually enjoy low-cost sport in ponds and lakes. The good news is...

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  • Best Way to Catch Crawfish

    Best Way to Catch Crawfish
    Crawfish go by a lot of names. Some people call them crayfish, others call them crawfish, crawdads, yabbies, freshwater (or mountain) lobsters and even (shudder) “mudbugs.”However, regardless of what you call them, there is little doubt that most members of this rather humble species of decapods are a vital food resource throughout the world. This is why knowing how to catch crayfish or crawfish is the missing chapter in every fisherman’s life book. Catching crawfish is an excellent and fun activity for couples, children, grandkids, and anyone who would like...

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