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Best Bait for Night Bass Fishing

Best Bait for Night Bass Fishing

Do you know that fish, such as bass, will start to move inshore to feed as the sun starts to set? This is because they feel safer knowing that the blanket of nightfall provides them with some protection from various predators. Night fishing does not only have the appeal of cool temperatures, but it can also provide you with excellent opportunities to catch large bass and other fish that would otherwise be inaccessible or unwilling to feed in the daytime.

This is why as anglers, fishing at night is likely to increase our odds of success, mainly because the fish are much closer to shore and are also feeding. Nighttime helps create a very active and marauding bass that like patrolling shallower water looking for desired forage as salamanders and crawfish, which are highly nocturnal during the summer. The night and darkness tend to play in favor of anglers as they serve as cover, making the fish feel a lot more secure.

Although there is no doubt that night bass fishing is easily one of the best ways to score fish, you will not get a sniff unless you modify your lures to suit the different conditions and temperatures associated with the nighttime.

Here are some of our favorite baits that will help you catch bass all night long.


Do you know that fishing spinners at night is often very effective because of the vibrations they create which help attract bass? Spinnerbaits have three features that make them a perfect bass catcher at night. These features are the flash, the thump, and the movement. 

It is worth mentioning that a great spinnerbait for night bass fishing is one that has large Colorado blades as it can increase the vibration in the water. When it comes to color, you will be better off using dark colored skirts, like blue, black, or purple. This will help create better contrast, making the lure comparatively more visible to the bass. Also, keep in mind that spinnerbaits can work incredibly well on windy nights with a Bumping retrieve or Yo-Yo when various topwater lures are not very effective. 

On short strikes, always make sure that you add a stinger or trailing hook for better hookups to increase your chance of success. And note that docks with lights could be very productive for bass fishing. This is because in most cases, dock lights can fool bass into believing that it is still daylight. As a result, bass are more likely to hold tightly to the docks as if they are getting some daytime shade. 

Black Frog

An ideal lure for night bass fishing is a black popping frog, such as the Live Target Popping frog. Wondering why? Black frogs can create a dark silhouette on the water surface, and that is why the bass can key in on them better. And that is not all; they are also a favorite food of big bass. Also, that extra lip popping action helps create a bit more disturbance and draws the bass in. So, it is only natural that working this bait gradually on the surface at nighttime can easily draw some sweet strikes. A black popping frog is one of the best ways to get the stoke juice flowing in order to catch bass at night.

Large Worms

It is no secret that a large worm in the 7 inch to 12 inch range can be excellent bait for night bass fishing. The reason is simple. Large worms create disturbances in the water at night that tends to attract curious bass. Keep in mind that the bigger and thicker 7 to 10 inch worms often stand out a bit more at night. Also, there is another benefit to using large worms. The subtle wobbling on each end of the bait as the worm falls helps in moving water. As a result, the bass are able to detect the bait much better as well. 

Make sure that you cast the large worm past the point you believe the bass are so that you won’t spook them, and then you can work it slowly towards your target area to get the best results. You can also try all types of different actions in order to get some big bass to hit your large worms. You can let them sit in a weed line or on a ridge, and wiggle, hop, and swim, etc, in order to get those hits. However, always fish it slowly. 

In many cases, fan casts huge areas where fish tend to set up, such as grass flats, points and creek channels, and slowly drag the large worms across the bottom. Some of the few types of large plastic worms that work well are the Berkley PowerBait Power Worm, Kinami Kut Tail Worms, and Culprit Original Worm.


Note that the ideal time for fishing a buzzbait is just after the sun goes down. But don’t worry as buzzbaits certainly can make plenty of commotion on the still night surface, making them an easy lure for most bass to find. Bass rely on the other senses in order to hunt for prey as they do not see quite well in the dark. You can rig up a loud and noisy buzzbait with plenty of clacking to get the job done.

Usually, it is better to work buzzbaits just quickly enough to keep them on the water surface. However, you can switch up the retrieve of your lure with prop modification or some erratic motion to help generate various sounds for bass. You can also try to bump the bait into different areas and make it more erratic. This will provoke more strikes.

Final Thoughts

Every fisherman has to try bass fishing at night at some point in their life. This is because it often results in much better bass fishing. These are the four nighttime bass baits that prove their allure every time. Bass fishing at night can transform sleepy nights into an exciting and adventurous time for fishermen to be on the water. Fighting a bass at night is exhilarating and fun. Although you cannot see what you are fighting, you can certainly hear everything.