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Going Bass Fishing? Try These Best Prespawn Baits

Going Bass Fishing? Try These Best Prespawn Baits

All around the country, spring is the perfect time to cash in on huge numbers of aggressive bass that emerge slowly from their deep water winter haunts.

Bass tend to start moving into their pre-spawn regions when the water temperature is close to fifty degrees. It is worth mentioning that it also induces some of the most aggressive bass feeding habits as they slowly prepare for the spawn. For a majority of bass anglers in the country, early spring is game-on. Most fish are in complete pre-spawn mode and feed aggressively while waiting for the water to get sufficiently warm so they can do their thing. 

However, keep in mind that the pre-spawn is often characterized by unstable weather as well. When it comes to pre-spawn bass fishing, note that success depends on being flexible as well as sticking it out persistently with the best lures you have.

While pre-spawn fishing is among the best fishing all year, it is not always easy.  It is important to cover lots of water. This is because bass will probably school up and also move around outside some of their spawning areas.

If you are searching for pre-spawn bass, here are some of the best pre-spawn baits that we recommend.

Lipless Crankbaits

It is no secret that a lipless crankbait is an ideal bass fishing lure in the spring, especially when the temperature tends to be in the mid-50s. Another great thing is that they allow you to cover plenty of water as well. As an angler, you can quickly and easily use them in order to cover water quickly when searching for actively feeding bass. Although many different colors can work, one of the best approaches when using crankbaits is to match the forage in the local waters. 

You can fish them easily over newly grown grass, especially on deeper flats when the bass starts to move into their spawning locations. 

Here is a pro tip. Try to vary your retrieve beyond only winding and chunking, such as yo-yoing the bait and then ripping it out of the grass. Lipless crankbaits are an excellent representation of dying or injured baitfish with their nice and tight wobble. 

You can fish these baits deep or slow, depending on your style. They are a go-to option for most pre-spawn fishing anglers. One of the simplest lipless crankbait presentations involves nothing fancier than winding and casting, often with the fishing rod held relatively high. Also, sometimes, that is the most effective way to work your lure.


In the fishing world, jigs are a bass fishing staple, and they work well throughout the year. However, they are especially productive and efficient for bass feeding up before they spawn. You have many varieties of jigs at your disposal. Among anglers, some of the best choices during the pre-spawn include swim jigs, football jigs and pitching jigs. 

However, you have other options as well. For bass fishing, hair jigs perform incredibly well in crystal clear water since water temperature remains cold. You can toss them behind an island as well as alongshore when the pre-spawn bass activity begins to pick up.

A finesse jig is great as it allows for a slower presentation of a subtle offering when bass position themselves well beside dock posts, move up onto sun-drenched riprap banks or hold tightly to natural rock areas before the spawn. 

You can adjust your jig’s fall and action by experimenting with different types of soft plastic trailers. Although chunk style trailers are the most popular, note that adding a double tail grub or crawfish imitator can quickly and easily change the appearance of your offering.

As a bass angler, you should always have a few jigs on your deck in the pre-spawn. Pick it up whenever you come across a rock point, log, dock, or after you have caught a couple of fish on the spot and their bite has slowed down.


For pre-spawn bass, jerkbaits are very deadly! This is because they are good at mimicking dying baitfish impacted by the fluctuating water temperatures. Also, you can fish them in various ways, which is great. A regular ‘jerk, jerk, pause’ retrieve is likely to catch fish anywhere during pre-spawn. As a rule of thumb, the lower the water temperature, the longer you need to pause the bait during the retrieve. 

Suspending a jerkbait for pre-spawn bass is perfect, as it will stay in the target zone longer. You can also jerk it at different rates or you can simply reel it slowly over deep ledges. And never forget to watch for changing weather conditions too. For example, if the wind starts to pick up, jerkbaits must always be one of your go-to choices. 

Note that several jerkbaits look quite similar to each other and provide the same general appeal for pre-spawn bass. However, each has a unique wiggle, dart, or roll when you pull or jerk it. Bass fishing with a jerkbait is one great method to catch bass, especially in the pre-spawn while covering plenty of water and fishing fast.


Ranging from tiny three-inch paddle tails to big trout imitators, they are an ideal choice early in the year. Swimbaits have a natural swimming action, and this allows them to easily imitate a wide array of baitfish. While we know this can be a huge category, you should try to rig up different kinds and sizes of swimbaits for spring fishing. 

Your choice of the right shape, size, and color will come down to where you’re fishing. However, you should adjust the size and color of your swimbait to what the bass are eating. 

Here is a great tip. The small plastic paddle tail baits are great when you rig them on a swimbait head. However, you can also fish with a larger six-inch bait, since bass are usually looking for a nice and big meal. 

Final Thoughts 

The pre-spawn period is arguably the best time of year to be fishing. So, the next time that you head out make sure that you have some of the above baits for pre-spawn bass fishing.