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What Color Makes for the Perfect Crappie Jig?

What Color Makes for the Perfect Crappie Jig?

Nothing hurts an angler more than going back home with an empty cooler after a fishing trip. Thinking of the several hours spent to reel in the Crappie adds to the misery. However, with a fully-equipped tackle box and the right fishing techniques, you can save yourself from the tragedy. 

Crappie – The Yummiest Fresh Water Specie

Crappie is one of the most scrumptious fish; the mouthwatering white meat makes it the favorite catch of anglers, particularly during spawning season. For an angler, catching a mess of crappie is easily one of the best days on the water. Crappie is freshwater specie that is native to North America. 

You can find both white and black crappie in the eastern half of North America and Canada. While Crappie is freshwater specie, still water bodies, such as ponds, lakes, and the calm sections of rivers, also make for good habitat for Crappie. 

Crappie prefer underwater environment that have clear water with sandy bottom. Such environment makes it easier for them to dig out nests. In addition, the vegetation is an excellent source of oxygen and shelter for Crappie fish. 

The Right time to Go Crappie Fishing

Anglers don’t always have good days at fishing; sometimes, the long hunt for the catch remains futile. However, spawning is the prime season to go crappie fishing as you can find abundance of fish in shallower waters. Make sure you have the right lures to attract Crappie fish into biting. 

It is easier to catch a crappie for dinner during spawning season. But, you can also get a big haul of crappies with more elusive techniques and baits. Picking the right lure and choosing the right time are important to entice crappie. 

Evening and Early Morning

What numbers of catch you can reel in a fishing trip depend on two main factors –the time of day and the fish’ activity.  The best time to fish a crappie is the feeding time; usually, crappies feed between the midnight hours and 2am. 

Dawn and dusk can also prove to be good times to cash on huge numbers of crappies. Many of them feed during twilight hours and come to shallower waters. Crappies are one of the easiest specie to lure; don’t miss the opportunity to entice them. 

Day Time

Crappies tend to remain in deeper water during the daylight hours. However, in the spawning season, the male guard the nests in shallow waters and strike when they encounter any danger. Therefore, you can cast the bait at this time to catch a crappie. 

The Perfect Jigs for Crappie 

In the fishing world you can find a wide range of colorful presentations to lure different species. From live baits to artificial lures, crank baits to soft plastic, and jigs, fishermen use different attractions depending on the type of catch. 

When it comes to Crappie, many anglers prefer jigs over other baits, to lure the specie. The small jigs make for one of the most effective ways to catch a crappie. Anglers usually use jigs in conjunction with live baits to cash on a huge number. While it is one of the oldest lure for crappie, it is still the most effective one. 

Jigging is the top method for enticing the crappies in spring. It is at this time, when the crappies begin schooling up in large numbers. Most of the anglers opt for a jig weighing 1/8 ounce.  However, jigging is great for catching crappies throughout the year. 

Marabou Jigs

Marabou jigs imitate water insects and zooplankton. They have a feather tail and furry body that makes them an ideal lure to reel in crappies. You can find marabou jig in 1/16 and 1/32 oz. sizes in the market. The best thing about these well-known crappie baits is that there is no wrong way to fish them. 

Hair Jigs

Hair jigs are another feather dressed inexpensive lure to catch a crappie. When the crappies begin schooling in shallow waters, all you need is a hair jig rigged up with a bobber and live bait. Cast in the bait slowly and jerk it every few seconds. After rest break, jig the bait again. Hair jigs come in different color combos with glitter strings tied into the feather portion. 

Minnow Type Jig

As mentioned above, crappies are not fussy specie and you can lure them in many ways. A minnow type jig, such as a shad-shaped jig head also make for an excellent lure. Make sure to use jigs that have flecks of blue, silver, and green in the tube body. Note that these jigs imitate the silver flash of live minnows making them an effective lure for crappies. 

The Magic of Jig Colors in Crappie Fishing

Whether you go for a hair jig or shad-shaped bait, the key is to choose the right color jig for the utmost fishing experience. Color is one of the biggest characteristic that makes jig, and any bait for that matter, attractive. 

It is worth mentioning that crappie is sight-feeder specie. The fish only strike at what it can see. The rule is simple: choose a color that is more visible to crappies. There are two color theories or methods that most anglers follow when it comes to jig lures. 

Bright Lures for Bright Water; Dark Lures for Dark Water

Many fishermen opt for bright color jigs in clear waters on sunny days. The bright colors reflect the light and become more visible to a lurking crappie. Some of the favorite bright jigs that anglers use include yellow, chartreuse, hot pink, and white. 

Dark lures, on the other hand, tend to better contrast stained water with minimal light penetration. Dark green, black, and dark browns, make are some of the most preferred colors for fishing on a cloudy day. 

Dark Lures for Bright Water; Bright Lures for Dark water

This theory is completely opposite to the first one and more famous in fishermen. They believe that when there is less light penetration, crappies can spot bright colored jigs more easily than the darker ones. Similarly, darker jigs contrast the clear waters better than the bright jigs. 

The contrasting theories make one point clear –you can always experiment with different color jigs whether you are fishing in clear or cloudy water. Use your options and see works best to lure the crappies so that you can enjoy the scrumptious treat at the end of long fishing session.