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Okuma Reels

We only stock the best here at Nihon Fishing, and there's one brand we've known intimately for a very long time: Okuma.

Okuma has been a part of the global fishing community since its inception in 1967, when it was formed as kuma Fishing Tackle Co. They'e been relentlessly designing and building some of the best reels and rods around since. Based in Taiwan, Okuma offers its products to a global audience that needs the best in angling in terms of reliability, price and features. 

Proceeding from a principle that fishing is about passion, and your kit should enhance that passion, Okuma have developed their product range for over 30 years to beat the competition and provide experiences the world over that are dynamic and pure.

Okuma reels and rods are known for being high quality at prices suited to any angler. With a product range diverse enough to suit and adapt to any environment, type of fish or fishing style, it's easy to see why they're such a popular staple wherever you go - and whatever lodge you end up at!


Okuma reels

The flagship reels available from Okuma include all you'd expect: an enviable range of spinning, fly, trolling and baitcast offerings featuring some unique and well thought out design features. Okuma's research focus tends towards improvements to responsiveness, durability and smoothness in the hand, making their often-affordable reels excellent choices for new and aspiring anglers. 

Flagship reels from Akuma such as the Rex Salt-TXS and the Ceymar can be seen in shops across the globe, boasting a long list of technology such as anti-reverse and rotor equalising systems and precision gearing.