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Shimano Reels

The Shimano brand has been the last word in fishing reels since 1978 when they introduced the Bantam baitcasting reel to the American Fishing Manufacturer show. Since then the hits have just kept coming with sensational reel lines like the Curado and the Stradic. These are the workhorses of the angling world, favoured by fishing guides, professionals and amateurs alike. The brand has made its name by producing quality reels for every fisherman and every situation. 

Part of the lure of a Shimano reel is the huge amount of research and technology that has gone into every piece. The Hagane gearing is cool forged and delivers a smooth light gear that will work for the lifetime of an angler. X Ship design makes Shimano reels more efficient and comfortable to use whether you are reeling in a little bass at your local pond or hauling in a goliath grouper. Coreprotect stops corrosion by protecting the most vulnerable parts of a reel even in the worst conditions. S ARB bearings offer corrosion resistance and extra shielding to protect against damage from sand, dust, mud and anything else a fisherman stumbles across. Every reel is so packed with cool technology and features that we literally can not name them all here. 

All this technology means Shimano reels are a joy to use. They are light, strong and smooth so you can cast all day without fatigue, backlash, birdsnests or even breaking off. The drag is smooth, the crank is light and even when you hook into that trophy fish, you know the gearing is ready for any fight. The reels even feel good in your hand. The low profile baitcasters fit into your palm like they are a missing piece of your body. The spinning reels hang in the perfect position so you instinctively know where the crank is and all Shimano reels make it easy to adjust their settings even in the middle of fighting a big fish.

These perfect ergonomics come from Shimano's work with a huge host of pro staff and consultants. Expert anglers all over the world are testing new Shimano reels right now and feeding back with a constant stream of data. If a reels retrieve isn't quite right or a bail arm does not move as smoothly as it should, Shimano knows about. This allows them to fix the issue before the reel ever hits store shelves. That has meant generations of happy customers eager to buy more Shimano reels. 

If you are looking for a truly great fishing reel that will look good, last for years and be a pleasure to fish with, Shimano is a great place to start. For people just getting into fishing there are affordable reels available that still come with all the great technology of their bigger more expensive counterparts. If you are a seasoned angler then we know you will appreciate the brands' many excellent reels. For the true reel connoisseurs, we would recommend the top of the range models. These are equipped with the latest technology Shimano has to offer in some of the most beautiful reels ever made.