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DAIWA 16 Alphas Airs 7.2L Left Handed Fishing Reel

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Recently released from the experts themselves in Japan, this wonderful Daiwa entry is a bait caster that's popular for being lightweight, sturdy and with a highly-tuned casting ability. Casting from as little as two grams, this is a practical choice for an enthusiast who needs genuine finesse and control.

The fine-tuned performance of the Daiwa 16 Air is made possible by an interesting combination of features. The Air Brake and G1 shallow spool, which includes a po-up brake rotor to make the release of appropriate brake force an automatic process, makes handling the reel at a level appropriate to your intended catch possible for beginners and experts alike.

Overall, this is an improved iteration handed down from above by the geniuses at Daiwa, made specifically for the left handed fishermen and women out there! Build quality is, as always with this company, excellent with the reel including aircraft-grade duralumin that's machined to trim down excess weight - a small detail we appreciate very much, and something we're sure contributes to just how snug and balanced this feels in the hand.

Our opinion: Another great Daiwa reel for left-handed enthusiasts. If you need fine control down to a very light weight band for your intended catch, this reel makes it both possible and very easy to achieve. Great stuff.


Some more specs for you to pore over:

  • Sturdy aluminum alloy body
  • Magforce Air brake system, 20 level adjustable from outside
  • CRBB anti-rust ball bearings
  • 80mm sway back handle
  • Ultimate Tournament Drag
  • Clicking drag star
  • Fine for saltwater use
  • Gear Ratio : 7.2
  • Max Drag : 4.0kg
  • Ball/Roller Bearing:6/1
  • Weight : 165g
  • Retrieve : 71cm


EAN: 4960652060349

Package Dimensions: 5.5 x 4.2 x 2.8 inches